Spear Dancewear was created to deliver quality garments to the world of dance, calisthenics and

physical culture.  


Spear is the Sports and Dancewear division of Red Handed Clothing, which has become one of the leading providers of apparel to Australia’s Surf Life Saving clubs.


After getting to the age where kids start to sprout around you, and being asked to produce gear

for nieces’ and friends kids’ dance clubs, we decided to offer our wears to dance clubs around Australia. We figured we’re having so much fun making clothes for Surf Clubs, it was only fair to share the love with the world of movement.


With access to high quality fabrics and skilled tailors, we are excited to be able

to offer our great products and service to your club.


With our current collection of styles and large range of colours, we can provide you with a great

experience from start to finish , and look forward to making your club look amazing!